Dystopia was the theme for this month but believe me when I tell you nothing was abysmal about these offerings.  SPOILERS AHEAD

The logos pictures above was the teasing image all month.  I thought to myself many times what kind of treasures would I see from The Matrix or Robocop.  On paper this seems like a great theme and one of my personal favorites.  Let’s a took a see how they pulled it off.


Once again Loot Crate provides us with an excellent selection of items that does everything it can to support the reputation that this service is one of the most value packed crates in the business.  We are provided with an excellent variety of items that at first glance makes you wonder how they fit everything in that tiny little box.


Let’s just start things off right with this amazing t-shirt that was included in this month’s crate.  Holy Cow!  I am a very minimalist person when it comes to my clothing as I’ve pointed out in the past.  This is another one of those exceptions however,  as I absolutely love the art on this shirt and feel that it sums up the theme of Dystopia perfectly.

Next up we have this super cool Dorbz collectible straight out of the wasteland.  Who doesn’t love a good set of power armor and this highly detailed figure looks great hanging out.  I have seen some really cool figurines come with Loot Crate in the past, but this one is easily my favorite.


Here is the Matrix item that had me pondering for days.  Turns out it was this super cool 300 piece puzzle.  You might be saying to yourself “300 hundred pieces isn’t a lot”, well let me say when the puzzle in mostly monochrome and includes this much black 300 is plenty.  I haven’t actually worked this puzzle yet, but I imagine it will provide quite a challenge when I do.


This was an odd item to me, but I think it is super cool.  If you are in need of a spare key, Loot Crate has you covered.  Just take this bad boy to your local hardware store and have them cut it to fit the lok of your choosing.  Personally I don’t think I could just pick anything, if I’m going to have a key that looks like this it better be for something epic.  Perhaps a liquor cabinet or storage chest?


The Terminator item is a bit of an odd one and hard to do it justice in the picture.  I had a hard time keeping the glare down for the camera to focus properly.  This insanely glossy item is a terrific “Metal Print” as described in the booklet.  Basically it’s a metal plate that was pressed and used for display.  It may not sound too fancy, but this item looks super great in person and my son can’t wait to hang it on his wall.


One of my favorite Loot Crate pins is included this month and just so happens to be super megaton bomb.  This will look great in any pin collection and as with all of the Loot Crate pins, you can use it to unlock all sorts of online content.  Nothing says Dystopia like a megaton bomb right?


Last but not least is the Loot Crate magazine.  I’m sure of you always wonder why I include the booklet, and I can’t stress enough that this is just like having another item in the box.  It not only covers descriptions of each item in an informative and playful way, but it always filled with tons of other content.  One of the monthly sections is a page that showcases fellow Loot Craters showing off previous items which always manages to prove entertaining.  One of the exclusive articles this month discusses the psychology behind Dystopia.  This includes a breakdown of the different types of “end world” scenarios, and there is even a section discussing ways to dress for a post apocalyptic setting.

Once again the Loot Crate guys proved to have another successful month and provide us with loads of content.  I have always loved this setting and this is by far one of my favorite Loot Crates yet.

Stay tuned next month as the upcoming them is “Futuristic”!


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