Louder Than Life Is Back!!!!

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Watch the First 90 Minutes of Watch Dogs: Legion!

Visit our YouTube if you haven’t already!

We have a growing number of segments for everyone to enjoy! Listen to the peoplesmachine speak his thoughts on the Gaming Round Table. Watch Banloss tear it up in Apex Legends. Kick back and soak up some gameplay from a wide range of unexpected titles with our Leisure Play Library. Still looking for something else? Don’t worry, we have more segments in the works. We have something for everyone!

We check out the very in-depth and challenging Sandbox mode for Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars!

Take a look at the first hour of Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars!

Banloss Plays Ranked in Apex Legends, with only Pistols

Join in the fun and check out the Banloss Plays Apex Playlist on our Youtube Channel, or run over to Banloss’s channel and drop a subscribe to either one for new content!

Banloss Returns, and is playing Apex Legends!

Hey Everyone! It’s been a long while.

I apologize as life made things harder and harder to keep up with content and gaming. Fortunately with new developments I have been able to come back to the front and back to my FPS roots.

Please join me as I continue to upload content with a lot of focus on my newest gaming addiction, Apex Legends.


New YouTube Segment Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned For Details….

Celebrate With Us!

Welcome to Unpaid Gamers Relaunch! What has changed you may ask? To be honest not much… We did however make some back-end changes and put a fresh coat of paint on the site. Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitch Channel for live streams and our YouTube for a wide variety of content.

Louder Than Life Announces Full Bourbon and Food Offerings!


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