You may have an idea about what a Loot Crate is, but this is a whole different alternative meant just for Gamers.  Take a look as we dive into what is included in the special Doom themed Gorilla Gamer Crate.  Warning:  Spoilers Ahead

I really had no idea on how many “Crate” services are actually out there.  I knew of Loot Crate and how they had a few different services based on themes or interests, but I started doing some research and came across a whole slew of different subscription based offerings.  This is how I discovered the Gorilla Gamer Crate, a service that is meant almost exclusively for us gamers.  When I found out this month’s theme was centered around Doom, I was pumped and couldn’t wait to see what was in store.  I have been hooked on the 2016 reboot ever since it’s release and have been a fan of the originals for years.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with this type of business model, essentially you pay a set reoccurring fee and receive a “themed” grab bag of sorts in the mail.  This theme will change with each delivery and depending on the service the price/frequency will vary.  In the case of the Gorilla Gamer Crate a monthly shipment will cost you $39.99.  In line with other subscription brands, if you purchase a longer subscription the price of each month will drop accordingly.  You can get the price of your monthly crate down to $37.99 if you purchase a six month subscription.

When I first looked at the pricing structure I had some reservations since it’s essentially double the cost of a Loot Crate.  One thing to keep in mind though is typically the more you pay for these types of services, the better merchandise you will get.  So how does this one stack up to the rest?  Well that answer can get awful tricky, but I will do my best.  The value of any of these services is going to be different with every recipient since we all value items differently.  The other factor I have seen from experience is that every service has some crates that are just better than others.  You may have a month that could be slightly more disappointing than the last, so looking at just one month probably isn’t the best way to judge if a service is “worth it” or not.

About the only way I know of tackling comparisons like I mentioned is to just break down the items and let you judge for yourself.  Having said all of that, what exactly does a “Doom Crate” look like?


Here is a collection of what is offered this month which I must admit looks pretty amazing at first glance.  While some “Crates” come offered as serving a general theme or genre, this box is a bit different obviously as it focuses solely on Doom.  I think I speak for most of today’s gamers when I say “That is perfectly fine with me!”


This was the first item to catch my eye and I am absolutely blown away with the design and quality of this shirt.  It features the Gorilla Gamer mascot in all of his retro glory and the monumental “God Mode” text from the original Doom.  I love the accuracy of the font and think it’s a perfect statement to showcase for us gamers.  In case you hadn’t read my ravings about Loot Crate’s Warcraft shirt, I am a guy that hates heavy screen printing on clothing.  I loathe the feeling you get from some of these shirts on the market that feel like you are wearing a cardboard sign on your chest.  I’m happy to say that the printing on this shirt is perfect and not at all bothersome.


Next up we have an excellent Funko Pop Cyberdemon.  Perhaps one of the most popular and menacing creatures to ever appear in a Doom game, the Cyberdemon takes on quite a different appearance with this figure.  I never thought I would refer to a demon from hell as a cute little guy, but I guess this proved me wrong.  This is an actual Funko Pop figure, so the quality is top notch.  I understand the need to eliminate the box to save on space and shipping costs, but I did want to make a note that this item does not ship with the packaging.  To be honest, it’s perfect for me since I take them out of the box and display them anyway, but this aspect may turn off a few hardcore collectors.  I know one thing, this little guy will be watching me blast his fellow demonic brothers back to hell for a while to come.


This X-Large Mouse/Gaming Pad is totally awesome.  Not only does it feature the Gorilla Gaming Crate mascot and the God Mode lettering, but it also features the classic Doom Hud in all it’s glory.  This pad is well made and would make the perfect addition to any gaming setup.  If you look at the picture above featuring all of the items, you can get a better sense of scale.  This pad is no joke!


This KMD Silicone Grip is great for those hardcore shooter fanatics and suits this theme perfectly.  If I know one thing for certain, the 2016 version of Doom will have your hands slipping and adrenaline pumping making an accessory like this an absolute blessing.  This grip is well made and very flexible making installation a breeze.  I’m not sure what color choices are available for this product, but I suppose my only complaint is that it wasn’t black.


Krave Beef Jerky…  I was a bit thrown off at first of this item and the next, but after giving them a try I didn’t mind the inclusion at all.  As a matter of fact, I now think it’s an excellent way to introduce gamers to various snacks that they may not have heard about before or haven’t took the time out to try.  Speaking of this item specifically, I am always hesitant of trying new Jerky brands as I dislike the really tough and hard to chew brands, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one.  Not only was the flavor truly outstanding, but it was perhaps the most tender Jerky I have ever tasted.  I’m so glad this item was included as I’m likely to seek out this brand to try additional flavors in the future.


Between the two food offerings I found this one to be the oddest.  I suppose quite a few gamers are into energy drinks or shots, but I for one had never heard of Energy Chews.  Perhaps an item like this has a market, but I personally can’t see me investing heavily into this one.  I didn’t mind to try them however and I must say that they were quite tasty.  This flavor was pink lemonade and once again this item was one of the softest I had ever tried, but I didn’t really notice a big jolt of energy or anything.  Like I said I don’t see me seeking this one out, but it’s something different to include and I didn’t mind giving it a trial.


Last but not least is this cool Gorilla Gamer Crate sticker.  I’m not sure where exactly I will put this, but who doesn’t love stickers right?

I really think that Gorilla Gamer Crate is on the right track.  Sure the crate is a tad more expensive than others, but I feel that the value is there and I also see a greater potential for more exclusive merchandise.  The Gorilla mascot is super cool and to see him grace items like the God Mode T-Shirt and Gamer Pad shows their initiative to invest in more exclusive merchandise that you are unable to obtain outside of Gorilla Crate or with other subscription based services.

Our curiosity is peaked for what future items from Gorilla Gaming Crates will include. (as should yours)  One thing is for certain, they are obviously keeping in mind the heart of us gamers and looking for innovative ways to pack their “Crates”

For more information on Gorilla Gaming Crates visit the Official Site.

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