Rob gives his latest update on his quest to play through EVE…


So I have continued playing EVE and its intricate universe of star, systems, and voids in space.  I would have to say that I haven’t really made it too far in the universe as I’m still a new comer and I am trying to learn as much as I can.  I’m also trying to get my skill levels up to get that ship that I really want!  So the universe is huge and I thought it was huge before but man it is really, really huge.  Hundreds of areas to explore.  It is amazing the depth that has been put into this game.  I haven’t seen a game quite this in-depth since I played Dwarf Fortress. 

I love the way that you can level up your skills when you are not there, because in all truth I rarely have time to play more than an hour or two on any given day.  This lets you feel like you are accomplishing something while at work or playing another game (you are trying to review).  But the game definitely feels more real every time I log in.  You begin to form alliances and join groups of people doing things just like you, trying to get money.  The system here is also crazy, you can become an important person in your business.  Your business will also need a lot of members so you can become a conglomerate and begin pushing your weight in the universe.  The stock market changes constantly and you will need to outfit your ship for other competitors or pirates who want to stop you along the way to glory.

I have to say I really want to be a pirate eventually but I can’t right now, my ship is so small and fragile it wouldn’t take much to destroy me and that isn’t what a pirate needs.  I need a well equipped fast ship to take out my enemies and steal their money.  I will also need quite a few skills to pull that off so it might take a while to get what I need.  Until then, it’s time to gain more money by doing jobs and joining groups of people to support me. 

But in a few months you might want to watch your back.  Banloss is coming…..

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