This isn’t my first rodeo with these guys and hopefully it won’t be my last.  With their debut album hitting in 2000, 3 Doors Down came at the perfect time for me and quickly became of my favorite bands on the radio during that era.  They managed to stay on top of the charts with hit after hit and really offered up quite a few anthems throughout the years.

Before I get started with 3 Doors Down, I really should take a minute to give a shout out to Red Sun Rising.  I hadn’t really heard of these guys but they gave an excellent supporting performance.  Too often opening acts struggle with partially engaged crowds and have a hard time winning them over.  While the audience didn’t really pick up until 3 Doors Down hit the stage, I was impressed with the way Red Sun Rising took the reigns and demanded engagement from the crowd.  There was almost a sense that they weren’t taking no for an answer and as a result had a large portion of the crowd rocking out with their set.  For more information on Red Sun Rising visit the Official Site.

With the release of Us And The Night and sixteen years later they are still rocking their audience as they embark on a full summer tour to promote the new album and to show their fans why they are still on the very top of their game.  I have no hesitation in saying that they achieved exactly that with their Louisville set and they took me through a journey that moved through so many different events of my life.  Funny how music has that power huh?  While I find this to be true with just about any form of music, this effect was more noticeable with these guys for some reason.  If I had to guess it would be due the sheer number of excellent hits and how often they played these singles on the radio throughout my younger years.

Still Alive
It’s Not My Time
The Broken
Let Me Go
Away From the Sun
Duck and Run
Let Me Be Myself
The Road I’m On
Be Like That
Us and the Night
In the Dark

Here Without You
When I’m Gone

I swear it seemed like every track brought with it a flood of memories and emotions that I hadn’t experienced in so many years.  Perhaps it’s because  I don’t listen to previous work by these guys too often, but obviously that’s a mistake.  Their set was top notch and truly CD perfect in performance.  Every member was right on cue and it really showcased why these guys have been so successful in their career.  Every track gave off such an incredible amount of energy and emotion that would really serve as a prime reference point to any new and upcoming musician.  These guys are seasoned and it shows.

One of the other things that really stood out to me in this performance was the obvious appreciation for their fans and troops that sacrifice so much and serve our country.  Not only could I appreciate their feelings and message but it served to add to the emotional gravity of the performance.

I could rave about these guys and their performance for quite a while, but if you can find tickets you should really catch one of their remaining performances.

For more information on 3 Doors Down check out the Official Site


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