Then… Listen Again! and Again!

Release: September 23rd

If you have been following The Unpaid Gamers for any length of time you will likely have heard of Raveneye or perhaps became real familiar with their work.  No, we don’t have any personal investment in this band nor do we really benefit from their success in any way.  I say this because we honestly promote the hell out of this band.  Our first impression of them was at 2015’s Louder than Life and we were truly blown away.  Since then we have followed this band and watched their career as they continue to spiral upwards and seem to have no boundaries as they rock crowd after crowd.

While their first release was an excellent EP that gained a lot of attention and had quite a few terrific tracks, 2016 marks the debut of their first full length album NOVA.  Let me just sum this album up in the best way I know how… HOLY SHIT!  I can’t tell you how many times I have played through this album in it’s entirety.  I honestly expected some amazing music out of these guys this time around, but I wasn’t quite prepared to be blown away from the first track and taken through a musical experience that could only be rivaled by seeing them live and in person.


1. Wanna Feel You

2. Come With Me

3. Inside

4. Hero

5. Supernova

6. Walls

7. Oh My Love

8. Madeline

9. Hate

10. Out Of The Rain

11. Eternity

NOVA is hard to describe in a way.  It’s album that does actually change a bit of direction from their EP, but also manages to showcase their increased skill and growth as musicians while maintaining catchy melodies and non stop adrenaline.  “Wanna Feel You” is such an excellent track and manages to set the tone of the album perfectly.  “Come With Me” is a personal favorite of mine and has been for quite some time.  I was thrilled to see it’s inclusion on the album and I always tend to crank the volume up to “11” every time it comes on.  The other track in my top three would easily have to be “Supernova”.  This one that caught me off guard and ever since I really sat down and listened to it thoroughly I have a hard time progressing past on it on the album.  What I mean is that this song has a way of finding it’s way on repeat and has a real hypnotic effect on me.  I really hate singling out just one member of a band, but Oli’s vocals on this track is nothing short of amazing.

A lot of album reviewers really break down every track and give their in depth analysis of every nuance of a record.  I personally don’t see anything wrong with that approach, however I’m not one of these guys.  How could I possibly describe this album to you and do it justice?  The closest I can come is that this album totally rocks!  If you are looking for new music and want to check out an explosive band order Raveneye’s NOVA right away.  This is a truly epic debut album and somehow manages to capture the energy of their live performances very well.

There is no doubt that this album will do very well and I look forward to catching these guys live as soon as they come back to the states.  In the meantime pre-order their new album NOVA from the Official Site.  Like yesterday!  What are you waiting for?



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